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The Perla Story Is A love Story, Really

We have been inseparable ever since the first day we met. Together we have created a business that serves art, our clients and our own marriage at the highest level by offering an experience like no other. Sara’s eyes for visual storytelling and her gift for putting brides at ease compliments Will’s creative mindset and attention to detail perfectly. 

We love what we do and we love doing it together

Sara & Will


We are Sara & William Hall, wedding photographers with a combined 15 years of experience capturing beautiful moments for clients throughout New England.

Weddings are singular moments, and the photographer has only one chance to fully actualize their fleeting beauty.  Clients who work with us enter a relationship where any and all concerns surrounding the photographic experience are solved.  We are highly skilled at finding the right angles, the most flattering light and working with all personality types to bring out the best in you, your vendors and your guests.  With a background in fine art, we have blended a passion for photography with artistic sensibilities to create a distinctive style that sets us apart. Inspired by businesses who have perfected the art of customer service with impeccable product delivery we bring a unique approach to each wedding we are a part of.

What drives us is the art of connection. We deeply care about crafting personal and authentic narratives for our clients while removing layers of stress that have traditionally been associated with the wedding planning and photographic process. We believe that every couple has a unique relationship, a story waiting to be told through the lens. Our goal is to capture the essence of that connection, freezing intimate moments, energy and emotions in time.

Drawing inspiration from the world of art, we approach each wedding as a blank canvas, using light, composition, and creative techniques to paint a captivating visual story. Whether it’s the subtle interplay of shadows, the vibrant burst of colors, or the evocative use of light, our aim is to create photographs that resonate with the depth of emotions shared by our clients.  

We are dedicated to providing a personalized experience, ensuring that every couple feels comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. It’s not just about taking stunning photographs; it’s about fostering a connection that allows genuine moments to unfold naturally.

Your wedding day is a chapter in your unique life story.  Together, we will create images that reflect the essence of your relationship, encapsulating the emotions, joy, and beauty that define your day, your personalities and your entire future together.

What we offer:

Three quarter, full length or extended wedding day coverage

Ability to add additional hours, welcome party or rehearsal dinner

Handmade wedding albums


Optional Engagement Sessions

Exclusive boudoir in the Perla studio with Sara and her team of on site hair & makeup artists

International and domestic travel

Years of experience with timeline management, layout suggestions & top vendor referrals

Boston Wedding Photographer


We are located in Duxbury Massachusetts and serve Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and all of New England. Traveling is our passion and we’re constantly planning our next trip. Destination wedding? PERFECT!!

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Thank you for considering us. We are looking forward to delivering an experience to you that is going to last a life time!

Sara + Will